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Could you have imagined that headyness and sorrow would meet as derailed train cars, late at night, each night?  Your frantic memories blowing past each other, piling, falling out of coach windows.  Your midnight misery.  Screen torture before bed. Where deep longing meets small time small bit structure.  Screen structure, screen torture. More cars now […]


Old Coffin questions – worn away, lead footed – clean prima materia in them, ready for daily use. Ask who will invoke the old questions, to give name and meaurements to the gap between Psyche and matter: The Alchemists question. When it is now the gap between this and that. The gift of a new […]

Do This & That Right Now! With Graciousness, Charles Baker Run

Hi, I’m Charles Baker Run, your Herbal Essences celebrity stylist and I’m here to show you how to get the real deal look for this hot sex summer.  Say goodbye to boo hoo hoo hair and hello to who woo new hair.  I dare you!  I’ve developed a new system to rid that frizzy, Grandma […]