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A Spiritual Retreat

  The heart surrenders everything to the moment. The mind judges and holds back.  Ram Dass The cab picked me up thirty minutes early, at 4am. I didn’t even have a chance to pack a book to read for the plane; with Him waiting down there. The headlights filled my room like a rehearsal stage […]

On Self Help

There is a man who is driving a caravan into town. He sets up his booth in the square and the public begins to gather around him. Already, he has paid off a few people in town to give the himself the appearance of legitimacy. The banner above his booth reads Kure-All Tonic. He says […]

On Presence

It should be obvious that the human goes with the rest of the universe.  We say: ‘I came into this world.’ It is not true that you came into this world, you came out of it.  In the same way as a flower comes out of a plant, or a fruit comes out of a […]

On Restraint

Take notice of yourself. Take notice of the energies working within you. They flow from the highest undifferentiated source, drip and trickle and fill until you respond to them. The patterns are well laid out by now.  Instincts are attended to with unconscious action. We speak, we act, we engage lustfully, and behind all these […]

A New Tragedy

Desperation A man walks into a luxury boutique in San Francisco and leaves his dog waiting for him at the door.  He is Indian, unshaven, sunglassed and carrying multiple bags.  Within a few minutes, the boutique manager and staff become aware that he is unstable and begin to watch him with caution.  He is speaking […]